ONE FOR ALL | Achievement

All 6 Companion Locations

Achievement | One For All

Description | Recruit all of the companions

- You'll be forced into at least 2 of the companions naturally, while the other ones aren't too hard to find however, they can be missed. This guide will show/tell you where to find and how to recruit each companion.

*Can all be acquired by the time you get to Stellar Bay on Monarch.

-- Parvati (00:16) ------

- Found (very early) in Edgewater after talking to Reed Tobson 

-- Vicar Max (01:13) ------

- Found in the Edgewater Church, talk to him then go to leave the conversation and he'll mention something he needs you to get, follow the short quest then return to him to be able to recruit Vicar

-- Felix (03:22) ------

- Creepin' by your ship's entrance after you land on The Groundbreaker for the first time. Just talk to his whiny ass to recruit him lol

-- SAM (03:50) ------

- You can start SAM's quest by visiting him in the upstairs closet of your ship, you will then need to find an "Acid Steeper" on Roseway.

(Talk to ADA after Gladys (on The Groundbreaker) gives you access to the Roseway Landing Pad)

- Once you acquire the Acid Steeper, go back to your ship and install it to unlock SAM as a companion

-- Ellie (06:04) ------

- Found on the Groundbreaker in the Medical Bay, you must do a small quest for her before she joins your crew

-- Nyoka (07:48) ------

- Found in Stellar Bay on Monarch as part of the Main Quest. You can recruit her after completing the very quick "Passion Pills" quest.

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