MAD SCIENTIST | Achievement

All 5 Science Weapon Locations

Achievement | Mad Scientist

Description | Kill an enemy under the effects of 4 science weapons

Following the "Weapons From the Void" quests and buying location datapads from certain people will get you to the locations of the Science Weapons, however you can just go to their location if you want without dealing with any quest direction.

- First you must acquire at least 4 of the 5 Science Weapons (shown in the video):

-- Prismatic Hammer (02:17) ------

- Groundbreaker | Just past the security room on the left you will find a worker's sleeping area. If you climb boxes you can get into a sneaky hole in the room that will lead to a bigger room. There will be a locked door on your right (Key Card on enemy in the room), behind it is the hammer

-- Shrink Ray (03:13) ------ 

Phineas' Lab | Very easy, just in a box inside his lab. Travel there and pick it up.

-- Mandibular Rearranger (04:01) ------

Scylla | On the East side of Scylla near the Abandoned Mining Outpost you will find this weapon in a nearby building

-- Mind Control Ray (04:46) ------

- Rizzo Secret Lab, Cascadia | It's near the terminal you access during the "Space-Crime Continuum" side mission for Lilya Hagen of SubLight.


To the left of the terminal you will see a platform you can jump to, jump up the path of platforms to find the box containing the Ray.

-- Gloop Gun (06:28) ------

- UDL Lab, Monarch | Part of the "Errors Unseen" side quest & "Radio Free Monarch" main quest.


There is a Terminal in the UDL Lab (SE of Stellar Bay) that you can hack or answer security questions to unlock the gun.


You may get stuck on the other side of the lab where it is locked...go to the other side to get to the lab. Once there go up stairs to get the Key Card to be able to use the Terminal below. You can hack it (Skill 55) or Answer 3 Questions to unlock the Gloop Gun.


The answers are:

"Protect the Chairman",

"Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor",

"Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program"

Once you have at least 4 of them follow this set-up:

- Hold the Hammer & Rearranger in two of YOUR weapon slots, and leave the other 2 empty (makes switching b/w them easier)

- Go to the menu and choose your 2 Companions to use range attacks opposed to melee and make them aggressive so they attack what you attack

- Give each one of your companions one of the Ranged Science Weapons

 NOW - find a chonky enemy (ex. Mantiqueen on Monarch) that can take some heat, run up and hit them with each of the melee Science Weapons while your companions hit them with the other 2, causing you to get this achievement!

- You could always find the 5th to give yourself an even better chance but it is not necessary 

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