DENTASTIC | Achievement

Achievement | Dentastic

Description | Saved the universe's greatest diet toothpaste recipe (secret)

- After talking to Gladys on the Groundbreaker to acquire Udom's Seal, she will mention about an "opportunity" to help make some bits to afford what she's selling.

- Take her up on the opportunity and she will send you to "Roseway" via the "Roseway Landing Pad" which is unlocked by talking to her about it.

- Once there follow the quest marker to ROSEWAY. Once there you can talk to 3 scientists in the town that have info you can sell to Gladys. For this achievement talk to ANTON CRANE and accept his Toothpaste Recipe recovery quest.

- Simply complete this quest for Anton, BUT...instead of giving the information to Gladys, give the recipe to Anton Crane instead to receive this achievement. If you bring it to Gladys to sell you will NOT get the achievement.

*Should also mention Anton gives you bits too anyways so it's NBD giving it to Anton instead :P

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