PEACE IN OUR TIME | Achievement

MONARCH ABIDES | Achievement

Same Play-Through!!

Achievement | Peace In Our Time 

Description | Broker peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI (secret)

Achievement | Monarch Abides

Description | Win the battle of Stellar Bay (secret)

- These are 2 different MISSABLE "Story Options" which you CAN acquire in the same play-through making the right decisions and using Saves.

MONARCH ABIDES is easy to acquire where PEACE IN OUR TIME takes quite a few certain decisions needing to be made that are easily missable!! Follow this guide to make sure you get both w/o having to do multiple play-throughs!

*This WILL include some spoilers although I leave out most of the details, but if you don't at least read this ahead of time you are bound to miss the Peace In Our Time Achievement / Trophy

- These one's are a bit later in the story after you get to Monarch.

For Mightier Than The Sword (secret) & Monarch Abides (secret) you have to make decisions early in the story to obtain, so go to the guide there to avoid missing those.

STAGE 1 "Radio Free Monarch":

*For PEACE IN OUR TIME you must complete these [optional] objectives during the "Radio Free Monarch" Main Quest to get Zora involved and to be able to use a peaceful [option] during the quest "Canid's Cradle":

During "The Commuter" [Iconoclasts - Graham/Zora] :

- "Get Extra Supplies from Carlotta"

(for Zora instead of High-Capacity Cartridges for Graham)

During "Pay for the Printer" [Iconoclasts - Graham/Zora] :

- "Retrieve Zora's Team (Van Noys)"

During "BOLT with His Name" [MSI - Sanjar] :

- "Wipe Any Terminals in the Building"

(located in the 1st floor of the ARMS building, underneath the objective)

STAGE 2 "Canid's Cradle":

After you get the targeting module from the fallen ship you may only have the 2 options for the "Canid's Cradle" quest, giving the module to either of the 2 faction leaders. SAVE HERE!!

} Give targeting Module to Sanjar, Graham, or Zora  and win the war for Monarch Abides *THEN RE-LOAD SAVE and continue w/ the peaceful solution

To acquire Peace In Our Time you must talk to Zora @ Amber Heights in the building to the right of the one Graham chills in.

- She will ask you to do a small quest "Sucker Bait", once finished she will "need some time" before making a decision. (Can probably just fast travel somewhere and come back)

- I completed a side-quest and came back to her hangin' out on the 1st floor. Go up to her to have a convo, be on her side and end up taking out Graham.

***NOW instead of giving the Targeting Module to Zora or Sanjar, CONVINCE Zora to work with Sanjarwhich will unlock the 3rd [option] that is basically to bring peace b/w MSI & Iconoclasts.


Continue with "Canid's Cradle" quest AVOIDING GIVING THE MODULE TO EITHER ONE


Completing the small quest Sanjar gives you sets up a Negotiation b/w Zora & Sanjar. Simply go to the Church, SAVE to be safe, and complete the negotiation to acquire Peace In Our Time !!!!

Doing this stops you from having to do a new play-through! :)

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