LUDWIG WAS RIGHT | Achievement

Same Play-Through!!

Achievement | Mightier Than The Sword

Description | Save Edgewater permanently (secret)

Achievement | Ludwig Was Right

Description | Bring robo-destruction to Edgewater (secret)

- These are 2 different "Story Options" which you CAN acquire in the same play-through making the right decisions and using Saves

**Make NEW SAVES often throughout to give yourself options if you screw up along the way, which is easy to do!**

Here's what you must do early in the story:

} Redirect Power to Edgewater (Adelaide tries to change your mind)

} Convince Deserters to return to Edgewater (Only need to do the side-quest for 1 of the 2 people)

} DO NOT make Reed step down! *I did this before realizing lol


A fair bit later after getting Udom Bedford's Seal from Gladys and agreeing to take out the Cartographer for Sofia. You will then be tasked with sending a signal from Dr. Welles' Terminal in his Secret Lab that you can fly to.

(Don't have to turn in Phineas, you can just send the corrupt signal from Phineas' Terminal)

You will now have to continue with the main quest for Sofia

"SIGNAL POINT IN SPACE" until you deal with the broadcasts on Monarch , eventually this mission will say [] Return to Sofia.

(Quickest way to deal with the broadcasts is to just go to Amber Heights and Kill Graham and Zora, then go to Stellar Bay and Kill Sanjar. You can then go back to Hiram before you can talk to Sofia. Alternatively you could just complete their respective quests)

**You will want to SAVE before talking to Sofia after you have dealt with the broadcasts**

For Mightier Than The Sword talk to Sophia after making that Save,

then re-load that SAVE

- You can now go to Reed in Edgewater and KILL HIM, you can then return to Sophia and she will make you do a mission involving Edgewater. Finish that side-quest to get the Ludwig Was Right achievement (unlocks right after finishing the automechs in Edgewater.


Doing this will net you both cheevs without having to do a new play-through! :)

*You can now load up any SAVE you like so that you can play the story the way you would like to!

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