The Outer Worlds full 1000G Achievement Walk-through with guides for each Achievement / Trophy that are not story related. Lots of these are miss-able in this game so it's best to at least look over these cheevs before playing, but you could always mop some of them up using multiple play-throughs.


Part of XBOX GAME PASS! *Also part of PC Game Pass with a different (WIN 10) variation of the game, so if you have game pass ultimate and a PC you can Max this game out twice if you wanted too!


Title: The Outer Worlds

Release Date: 25 October 2019

Console(s): Xbox One, PS4, WIN 10

Maxable?: YES

Fun To Max?: YES

Est. Completion Time: 35-40 Hours

Part Of: Xbox Game Pass

Quick Review | 


For the 1000G in this game it will require you to beat the game on Supernova difficulty which I advise doing last after you do everything else. I have guides for all of the achievements that are NOT story related or will be naturally unlocked. There are lots of miscellaneous Achievements that these guides will help you with!


Due to the nature of this game there ARE missable cheevs so using the SAVE FEATURE to your advantage is recommended. There are 2 sets of cheevs (4 total) that require to to choose one or the other, basically the Evil & Nice choices, there IS a way to get these in the same play-through so go to that guide below for more info. 

I created a "missable" section below that points out all of the easily missable achievements / trophies to look out for!


Overall this game is a fun experience when it comes to game-play as well as cheev hunting.

One trick that helps with all of the "do this X amount of times" cheevs...use the SAVE feature to RELOAD SAVES helping you grind those out easier.

ALSO to have LOTS OF BACK-UP files to help mopping up the many missables.

*However people have said that it can cause the tracker to stop going try saving after you do one run, SAVE on a new file, then RELOAD the old one. Rinse & Repeat.

Happy Hunting! :)

Achievement Rundown


48 Achievements for 1000 Gamerscore

These very missable Achievements are worth looking into before you play. However they will include some spoilers so beware of that!

I recommend for ALL of these that you make sure to make NEW SAVES throughout b/c they will save your ass if you screw up anywhere!


Link to ALL of my HD video guides for The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds |  YouTube Playlist

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