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Welcome to the Vault!


On this page you will find all of my content to help people get started spoofing as well as helping current spoofers find more tricks and tips to make this game even more fun to play...hope you enjoy the content! :)

I am NOW using iTools to spoof safely, although iPOGO is currently looking pretty good since the ban reversals too!

ThinkSkySoft Store Link (iTools Mobile w/ Lightning Device *IOS12)

ThinkSkySoft Store Link (iTools BT w/ RJ45 *IOS 13/14)

ThinkSkySoft Store Link (iTools BT 2.0 *NEW w/ Joystick)

iPOGO is the currently "safe" 3rd party option for spoofing

- Watch Install Tutorial HERE

- Download Newest IPA HERE

*NEW* 3rd Party App from the creators of iSpoofer is out! "SPOOFERX"

- I will not be trying it as it required donorship... , I have not tested it, use at your own risk!

- DONOR Direct Install can be found HERE

For all info on "Red Warnings (RW)" & "Shadow Bans"

as well as my BAN WAVE Research Data


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iSpoofer (DEAD NOW) Download Videos

Pokémon GO Tips & Tricks

Ban Wave Research Videos

Common Questions

Q: What is the APP IV that shows the IV before catching?

A: It's part of the iSpoofer software (POGO Tweak)

Q: Is / when is the Ban Wave over?

A: No one will ever know that answer, follow me to stay up to date on the issue. I will be sure to spread the news when it's "safe" again.

Q: How do I get so many Shiny Pokemon?

A: Lots of playing and checking Pokemon, watch my videos for tricks and tips on how to be "better" at spoofing.

Q: How do I find the link to download iSpoofer?

A: Visit the Spoofing Vault (this page), link is near the top.

Q: How are you still spoofing when the Direct Download doesn't work (a.k.a Certificates get Revoked)?

A: I use iPAStore to download iSpoofer which basically creates your own certificate that NEVER gets revoked :D This is NOT FREE however...

Q: How do you get Shundo (shiny & 100iv) Pokemon?

A: Once your Account is Level 30 it can use cords (coordinates) to "Snipe" 100iv Pokemon around the world searching for a Shiny 100% IV Pokemon. Watch my "Shundo Hunting" video(s) to see examples and get taught how to do it yourself!

Q: Why do you need to be Level 30 to snipe Pokemon Cords?

A: Anyone from Level 30-40 will see the EXACT SAME Level, CP, IV Pokemon. Every Level from 1-29 will see the same Pokemon, however the Level, CP & IVs will be different. You need separate cords for every level up to level 29 which obviously would not be practical. It doesn't take too long to get to level 30 (5 days is my fastest w/ NO Lucky Eggs used). Once your Level 30 the real game starts IMO :P

Shundo Definition:

= Shiny 100% IV Pokemon

@POGOShinyHUNTER's Database:


Pokemon GO Accounts FOR SALE!!

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