Pokémon GO

Spoofing For Beginners

Video | Spoofing For Beginners

Description | The basics of spoofing and the iSpoofer app

The basics of spoofing in Pokemon Go and how to get started...iOS Devices. Pokemon GO Insta @POGOShinyHunter


- For anyone physically unable to walk, anyone who lives in small town and rural areas, or those Pokemon fans who want to experience EVERYTHING this game has to offer this is the way to play!


- Coming from someone who played the game "Legit" (no spoofing) a lot for 2 years I LOVE spoofing...I'll list the negatives of playing legit vs the positives of spoofing.


- Other than being able to tell people "I don't spoof" there are literally no positives to playing that way...here's how I see it, when I'm outside I don't want to be glued to my phone I want to actually enjoy being outside!


- Pokemon GO Pokemon have stats that the OG game doesn't display to you, spoofing displays all that useful info to you

- It might take you a month to hatch a 10km egg just to get a stupid Mareep...where your hatching all the time as a spoofer

- If your in an area with little stops you probably run out of balls and struggle to just keep up, but as a spoofer you have unlimited access to stops and items

- It gets boring seeing the same stops all the time only experiencing one city...My FAVORITE thing about spoofing is getting to see the rest of the world through this app! I love looking at all the different landmarks that are on all of the stops, it give a unique travelling experience within the game. For someone like me who has never traveled to another country this is really cool!


- Think of the original game as a "Free Version" of a game, Or think of your city as the base game and you literally have the whole world as a DLC map out there, why would you not want to explore??


That's just my opinion I understand everyone won't agree I just hope I enlightened some of you to join the dark side, the spoofing community has a lot of fun...get in on this :)

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