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Click the links above to see the screenshots of all of my Shundo Pokémon ordered by Gen.

Alolan & Galarian Forms are included in SPECIAL FAMS

Limited Time (usually costume) Forms are included in EVENT FAMS

Rare Shiny Mons like Shiny Babies, Legendaries & Raid Exclusives are thrown into RARE SHINYS

Ordered by Pokédex #

If I do not yet have a shundo on the checklist, it will have a "Still Searching" picture instead. 

I will include all Shundo available Pokémon released or will be released in the wild to act as a checklist :P

Note: Pokemon that won't be able to find in the wild will not be included, hunting for a shundo of those Pokemon is very unrealistic!

EXAMPLE = Fam Completed

EXAMPLE = Still Searching

EXAMPLE = Shiny Not Released Yet

EXAMPLE = Pokemon Not Released Yet

My Last 10 Shundos

Exeggcute 1/2


Up To Date Shundo Data

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