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My Shundo Fam Rules:

- Only Pokemon that spawn in the wild are included,

for example Egg Exclusive & Raid Exclusive Shinies don't count

- All currently released, wild shiny available Pokemon are included

for example when a new shiny is released I will add it to this list

- A "Fam" consists of 1 Shundo for each evolution of a Pokemon Family i.e. Bulbasaur Fam requires 3 Shundos

- Pokemon that don't evolve still count as a 1 Poke "Fam"

- Alolan Versions count as NEW Fams of the original Pokemon 

i.e. Alolan Diglett & Original Diglett count as 2 different Fams



  • Alolan Forms of Pokémon count as different fams

    • (a) = Alolan, (OG) = Original Form​