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February 2020 News & Events Pokemon GO

Video | February 2020 News & Events

Description | Dates and shiny releases to mark on your calendars

In this video I describe everything you should look forward to in Pokemon GO during February 2020. Includes the upcoming shiny releases, new raid boss, community day news and more!! Mark your calendars!


Event: Shadow Raikou (01:03)

Date: Feb 1st 1pm (PST) - Mar 1st 1pm (PST)

Notes: Complete Special Research Task & defeat Giovanni


Event: Woobat Released (02:16)

Date: Feb 1st 1pm (PST) - Mar 1st 1pm (PST)

Notes: Pinap for 26 candies!


Event: Minccino Research Day (03:03)

Date: Feb 2nd 2pm (L) - Feb 2nd 5pm (L)

Notes: Available in the WILD now!


Event: Tornadus Raid Boss (03:54)

Date: Feb 4th 1pm (PST) - Feb 25th 1pm (PST)

Notes: Use Electric & Rock Counters


Event: Pokemon Spotlight Hour (04:56)

Date: Feb 4th 6pm (L) - Feb 4th 7pm (L)

Notes: Special Pokemon spawns more frequently during that time period


Event: Mystery Bonus Hour (05:40)

Date: Feb 6th 6pm (L) - Feb 6th 7pm (L)

Notes: An unknown bonus will be available to anyone playing during that time frame


Event: Sinnoh Region Celebration Event (06:22)

Date: Feb 7th 8am (L) - Feb 10th 10pm (L)

Notes: Shiny Riolu & Hippopatas released!


Event: Valentine's Day Celebration Event (07:43)

Date: Feb 14th 8am (L) - Feb 17th 10pm (L)

Notes: Shiny Happiny & Chancey released! Chancey shiny available in the WILD! Audino & Alomomola released as well


Event: Lickitung Raid Day (09:55)

Date: Feb 15th 2pm (L) - Feb 15th 5pm (L)

Notes: Shiny Lickitung released! Available in 4-Star Raids during that time frame, and will know an exclusive move BODY SLAM. Also up to 5 free raid passes available during the time frame as well!


Event: Special Friendship Weekend (11:17)

Date: Feb 21st 8am (L) - Feb 24th 10pm (L)

Notes: Friendship increases faster, 2x Trade Candy, 1/2 Trade Stardust Cost!


Event: Rhyhorn Community Day (12:11)

Date: Feb 22nd

| Northern Hemisphere 11am - 2pm (L) Feb 22nd

| Southern Hemisphere 3pm - 6pm (L)

Notes: Shiny Rhyhorn Released! **3x Catch Stardust**

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