Pokémon GO

How To Bypass "Unable To Verify App"

Video | "Unable To Verify App" Bypass

Description | How to continue playing while iSpoofer Direct Download link is down!

This very handy trick can be used when you are waiting for iSpoofer Direct Download to come back online, follow these quick steps to continue playing even when it tells you "unable to verify app" when you try to open it.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Turn Airplane Mode ON

Step 3: While still in Settings, go down and click Safari

Step 4: Choose the option that reads "Clear History & Website Data"

Step 5: Open Pokémon GO (should work now)

Step 6: Then go back into Settings and turn OFF Airplane Mode

Step 7: You are now free to play!!! Keep in mind you will have to do this again if you minimize the app...have fun :D

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