Pokémon GO

How To Shundo Hunt | FREE Edition

Video | How To Shundo Hunt as a Free User

Description | How to find 100iv cords of possible shiny Pokemon w/o having to upgrade to iSpoofer PRO

This video show the FREE way to "Shundo Hunt" in Pokemon GO.

This is how I did it before upgrading to iSpoofer PRO.


Steps To Joining The Group:

*If the group is full (250,000 Members) you'll have to wait until they clean the server making people request to come back, which is much like the process below*


- Download "Discord" from app store


- Register for an account or just Sign In if you already have one


- Hit the top left of the screen to bring up the side bar


- Hit the "Plus" symbol, then choose "Join Server" and type in "Pokedex100"


- Once in go to the #100iv_access, it tells you to go to #bot_commands and once there comment "?dex100_me"


- You will be accepted instantly. You can now find #100community on the sidebar


- Once there you can hit the link beside "Community" to be given the cords of the Pokemon you chose, which you then copy and paste into the iSpoofer app to teleport to that Pokemon.


That's the basics, you will get a hang of it pretty quick and it's actually not as complicated as it seems! Good luck :)

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