Gears Of War: Ultimate

Whack-A-Grub | Achievement

Achievement | Whack-A-Grub

Description | Closed all 4 e-holes around the fountain in Fish in a Barrel without any Locust fully emerging

During the Mission "Fish In A Barrel" you will get to a fountain and be tasked with plugging 4 e-holes once you arrive.

There are Frag grenades inside the fountain as well as between 2 of the e-holes, it would obviously be better to already have nades but it is not necessary.

The first 3 holes will open in random succession wanting you to "HIT
Y" when they open, just be ready and free throw (hip fire) your grenade into the hole before any grubs climb out.

The 4th one is always under the cars in the background, you have to hip fire the grenade as the cars are blowing up for it to blow up in time.

If any grub climbs out you will have to Reload Last Checkpoint and try again right at the fountain. Good luck! :)

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