Gears Of War: Ultimate

Brothers To The End | Achievement

Achievement | Brothers To The End

Description | Defeated General RAAM in co-op on Insane without either player being DBNO

Video with full descriptive commentary :)

Chapter Select mission ACT 5 "PALE HORSE"
w/ Both players on INSANE Difficulty---neither of you can get downed---

One person grabs the Long Shot sniper and fills up ammo (ammo boxes re-spawn) while the other person fills up on Torque Bow ammo.

You stay behind the beginning barrier the whole time, your goal is to finish RAAM before he gets to your side of the train.

Now the idea is to remove RAAM's shield of Kryll by hitting it with a Torque Bow shot or Frag Grenade blast (sometimes he send the Kryll at you). Once his shield is gone, hit him with as many sniper head shots as you can (perfect reloads help) as well as Torque Bow shots from the other player.

Once he gets to the end of the stack of pipes sitting in front of your cover...TOSS your Grenades (free throw style) to dummy him. If he isn't dead before he gets to you that means you didn't do enough damage to him on the way down.
Just Reload Checkpoint and try again.

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