Video Guides for Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Achievements. This is a Re-Mastered Version of OG Gears 1, I think it was really well done and I hope they do Gears 2 & 3 at some point!

Lots of helpful guides on the Campaign Achievements, Collectibles as well as a few others.

This is part of Xbox Game Pass!


Title: Gears Of War Ultimate Edition

Release Date: 25 August 2015

Console(s): Xbox One, WIN 10

Maxable?: With lots of grinding...

Fun To Max?: Fun to acquire the campaign cheevs at least

Est. Completion Time: 200+ Hours

Part Of: Xbox Game Pass

Quick Review | 


This re-mastered version of Gears 1 was very well done in my opinion and very fun to play.


All of the campaign achievements are doable and I have guides for all of those, but as far as the online achievements go...some will take quite a lot of grinding / boosting.

The WIN 10 version also has it's own set of cheevs! Giving you the chance to double up on the cheevs if you want to play it again.

Happy Hunting! :)

Achievement Rundown


56 Achievements for 1250 Gamerscore

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