Pokémon GO

Cooldown / Softban Tutorial

Video | Cooldown / Softban Tutorial

Description | A video explaining how "cooldown" and "softban" work as a spoofer in Pokemon GO. Examples w/ full commentary.

This is my video explaining Cooldown and Soft Ban to spoofing trainers wondering what it all means.


What WON'T affect Cooldown timer: "SAFE"

- teleporting

- looking at Pokemon

- looking at gyms/raids

- walking / hatching eggs

- open / sending gifts to friends

- cashing in completed research even if the reward is a Pokemon, you can still catch it w/o resetting the timer and it won't flee

- trading / battling friends

- checking for shinies / shundos

*if you find one...leave your device on until you know your safe, then you'll be free to catch it*

- raiding as long as you don't throw a ball at the raid boss


What WILL affect Cooldown timer: NOT "SAFE"

- catching Pokemon

- throwing a berry or ball (even if you just drop it on the ground)

- trying to spin a stop

- feeding berries to gym Pokemon

- battling a gym

I hope this helped clear up Cooldown and how to avoid it, go to YouTube and look at the comments to find a lot of Answered Questions that you may also have!

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