CoD: Modern Warfare

Long Way Down | Wild Fire | Ashes To Ashes | Mission 4

Achievement | Long Way Down | Wild Fire | Ashes To Ashes

Description | Crash a helicopter by shooting the pilot 

Take down a flying Helicopter with a molotov

Burn 4 enemies with a single molotov

- Shortly after storming the walls you will get a Checkpoint right before a group of enemies including 2 helicopters

- You can get all 3 of these Cheevs by just reloading the checkpoint until you get all 3.

- Shoot the driver of one of the helis

- Throw a Molotov @ the closest heli

- If Ashes to Ashes doesn't pop when you take out the heli...there's an ATV that pulls up to the right of the helipad that has 4 enemies inside which you can throw a Molotov @ to recieve the last cheev!

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