CoD: Modern Warfare

Golden Path | Mission 5

Achievement | Golden Path

Description | Complete 'Clean House' without being hit using one bullet per threat

- Only use 1 bullet per threat (aim high), if they're laying on the ground bleeding out just leave them they will die on their own AND if you miss a shot Reload Checkpoint ASAP


- You must wait for the "hostages" to p/u a weapon before they become a "treat" which you can then take out w/ 1 bullet


Ground Floor: 3 Enemies (All In Same Room)


1st Floor: 3 Enemies (2 in bedroom [1 guy holding a hostage, after she picks up weapon shoot her ass], 1 guy runs out of the bathroom w/ a shotgun)


2nd Floor: 3 Enemies (All in same room, shoot guy behind door first)


3rd Floor: 1 Enemy (Don't shoot the lady & baby, the room to the right has a guy that runs under the bed before shooting at you)


4th Floor: 1 Enemy (One lady, she plans to blow you up so shoot her instantly)


- The achievement takes quite a while into the cut-scene to pop, so wait a little bit after before you restart the mission too early thinking you screwed up

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