CoD 4: Modern Warfare

Your Show Sucks Achievement

Achievement | Your Show Sucks

Description | Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's speech

A video with descriptive commentary showing all the TV locations that are broadcasting Al-Asad's message.

Mission: "Charlie Don't Surf"

There are 2 in the first "HQ" building you come across.

There are 2 stragglers before you get to the broadcast building.

There's 2 TVs as soon as you enter the building,
and 3 in the next command center area

**In the big room as soon as you enter there's 1 TV basically behind you but will most likely get shot out naturally.**

Also there are 5 TVs on high desk stands, as well as 6 on lower level desks in the room.

There's 4 big groups of TVs to shoot out as well as 3 TVs sitting on ceiling stands on the backside of the room from where you enter.

Once you regroup with your boys there's 1 TV on a ceiling stand in the first room you pass through.

The last 6 TVs are in the broadcast room that you
will have to shoot out before everyone stops talking to end the mission.

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