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Video | JAN 2020 Ban Wave

Description | Explains the recent events causing Red Warnings for POGO Users

This video explains the ban wave that hit Pokemon GO players January 2020. This comes from using iSpoofer to properly enjoy the game.


Now everyone is up in arms right now with Red Warnings hitting their accounts and wondering what to do from here!


Since my last video I have done lots of research in multiple account trying everything including the Buddy System to cause myself to get a RED WARNING.


My Main Account got hit with a 2nd Red Warning shortly after the first one expired... it also was a 7 day shadow ban and was STILL considered my "1st Strike" AGAIN.


My 2nd account, which did more than my main, did NOT get a 2nd red warning.


And as far as the other handful of accounts i've used to test thing... NONE of them have EVER been hit with a warning!


That makes me feel pretty confident that it was the "Vertical Pharmaceuticals Inc. Dev Certificate that got a lot of accounts flagged.


This was from the "Direct Download" method to download iSpoofer, but this issue has since been resolved by iSpoofer.


As far as a way to avoid this from happening again in the future, I recommend looking into IPASTORE as a solution to have your own certificate created and your own personal link to trust and use all the time without ever having to "Trust" a new certificate again!

Also this would save you when the Direct Download link "Goes Down" and prevents anyone from downloading iSpoofer for sometimes days at a time.

This is NOT FREE but I have tested it and feel alot safer using this way to download iSpoofer, and as far as I know of NOBODY who uses IPASTORE got a Red Warning!!


IPASTORE: https://ipastore.me/

What did cause the warnings:

- old "certificate" that iSpoofer used "Vertrical Pharmaceuticals"


What to do next:

- FIRST AND FOREMOST, Delete iSpoofer from your device(s) and re-download it again to have the new "safer" version

- For now you can use or create an "Alternate" account to test things out in the mean time



- A Red Warning will give you a "Shadow Ban" which means you won't be able to see any "rare" spawns in the wild


What Can You Do While Shadow Banned:

- If your willing to risk a 2nd strike... you can still do the following

  - Participate in raids

  - Catch Pokemon & still find shinies

  - Hop in gyms and participate in battles


Will Shadow Ban affect Community Day?:

- NO it shouldn't...as Community Day Spawns aren't "rare", now I could be wrong but I'm 95% sure you could still participate in Community Day :)

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