ONE FOR ALL | Achievement

Achievement | Cystypig C&P Boarst Factory Grind Spot

Description | Cystypig C&P Boarst Factory Grind Spot

- Remember the SAVE trick to help you grind this out faster

One trick that helps with all of the "do this X amount of times" cheevs...use the SAVE feature to RELOAD SAVES helping you grind those out easier. *However people have said that it can cause the tracker to stop going if this happens, try saving after you do one run, SAVE on a new file, then RELOAD the old one. Rinse & Repeat.

- This "Save Trick" will help you lots when going for the achievements / trophies for this game.

- A great spot to use this is at the C&P Boarst Factory located South of Stellar Bay on Monarch (you will receive a quest called "Slaughterhouse Clive" that will bring you there)

- Once you make a SAVE file inside the factory, you can just go to town on the Cystypigs, Worms, and few other enemies, make a NEW SAVE file after killing, then re-load the ORIGINAL SAVE. Doing this will keep all the achievement progress you got.

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