Hey everyone this is BradLeafsFan9! I've just created my own website to put all of my content in one organized place. This is a current work in progress and is an unfinished site so you may see some weird layouts and links just be patient i'm constantly working on it :) I will make a list of what's been recently completed. My site has 2 major categories, Achievement Guides & Pokemon GO. In the Achievements section you will find HD guides for the games I have included in that page. I usually just make guides for the hard cheevs that need extra explaining and help, some games however I've created FULL Walk-throughs for as well. As far as Pokemon GO it's hard to explain what it includes so just go check it out! I love gaming, achievement hunting, and playing Pokemon GO so I'm making an effort to be self made doing things I love :D Thanks for being along with me on this journey I appreciate all the support I've gotten to get me to this point :)