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My 40 SQUAD Rules:

  • Only Pokémon that I have powered up to Level 40 in my main account are included in this list

  • A level 40 Pokémon is only available to Accounts that are at least Level 38, you are able to power up a Pokémon using Stardust up to 5 Levels higher that your Account's Level. That is until it caps out at Level 40, hence the nickname "maxed" Pokémon

  • Max level Pokémon available in the wild caps out at 35

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  • If your on the desktop version of the site you can use the table to sort by CP, Shiny, Shundo ect.

  • *Example = Shiny, (L) = Legendary, (a) = Alolan, (OG) = Original Form

  • Hope you like it, feedback is appreciated